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Automix - engine repairs

Engine repairs

Engine repair

An engine is an important, but non-durable element of a car, and often the internal combustion engine fails first.
Signs that indicate an engine problem: increased fuel or oil consumption, reduced engine power, engine overheating, warning lights on the dashboard, uneven engine operation, noticeable oil leaks from the engine, extraneous noises.

Three types of engine repair:

  • Current repair involves fixing a minor problem
  • Medium complexity repairs involve partial disassembly of the ICE
  • Engine overhaul envisages engine removal and complete disassembly


The main purpose of this repair is to restore the previous performance of the engine. In this case, disassembly of the engine is not carried out. Most often, replacement of a broken, deformed or worn part is sufficient.

Current repairs may include the following:

  • Removal of solid deposits from crankcase ventilation and intake pipe;
  • Wiping valves;
  • Replacement of seals and gaskets;
  • Flushing of the cooling system;
  • Removal of deposits from internal surfaces of combustion chambers.

Frequency of such repairs: when a malfunction is revealed.


Such repairs envisage cylinders grinding, babbitting, valve refacing, milling of valve seatings, grinding crankshaft pins, grinding of valve faces and cylinders, as well as other works:

  • Replacement of crankshaft pulleys, water pump and ratchet;
  • Replacement of the fan belt, water pump, fan.

Medium complexity repairs envisage removal and partial disassembly of the engine.

Frequency of such repairs is determined depending on the malfunctions that were discovered during maintenance or during everyday operation.


The most complex and lengthy type of engine repair. It envisages engine removal and complete disassembly, all types of processing - grinding, honing, boring, polishing.
During disassembly we carry out:

  • Cleaning of parts from all types of contaminants;
  • Sorting parts according to their deterioration degree to the items to be rejected, repaired and fully fit for operation;
  • Repair of ICE units and parts;
  • Completing the unit with parts, subsequent engine assembly and installation;

Frequency of overhaul: this type of repair shall be carried out after 180-200 thousand kilometers. Numerous factors - road conditions, climate, fuel quality, driving style, quality and quantity of preventive measures – influence the frequency of overhauls.

AUTOMIX.EE car service specialists carry out diagnostics and engine repairs suitable for your car.


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