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MON-FRI 8.30 - 17.30
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Automix - sale, repair, replacement of tires and wheel

Sale, repair, replacement of tires and wheel


There are summer, winter and all-season tires. These tires differ in rubber composition, tread pattern, structure. Experts recommend not to use winter tires in summer. Their performance is the best at temperatures below +9 C, whilst above that range they become too soft and wear out quickly. On the other hand, summer tires become hard and slip on winter roads, which threatens the safety of the driver.

There are tubed and tubeless tires. Tubed tires consist of a tire casing and a tube with a valve. The valve is needed to force air into the tube and prevent its exiting. Tubeless tires have an airtight rubber layer instead of a tube.

The tread pattern depth should be checked regularly. AUTOMIX.EE car service specialists will help determining the degree of a tread wearing. The higher the degree of wear, the greater are the risks.

To ensure safety, it is recommended to use a new tube for a new tubed tire and a new valve when installing a new tubeless tire.

What causes tire service lifetime decrease?

  • Driving conditions: rough roads, sudden accelerations, frequent and sudden braking

For example, at a speed of 120 km/h the tire wears out 2 times faster than at a speed of 70 km/h;

  • Ambient temperature;
  • Heavy load on the tires;
  • Insufficient level of internal pressure:
  • Shocks: against pavement curbs, driving over potholes at a high speed, rocks and other obstacles can cause tire damage.


Properly selected discs ensure your safety on the roads, efficient fuel consumption, and increase the transmission service life.

It is possible to have two sets of discs for summer and winter tires, or you can have one set of discs for all occasions and seasons.

Disc types:

  • Steel wheels

They are the most widely spread type. They consist of a rim and a disc welded to it, made of a steel sheet.

  • Light alloy wheels

They are made from aluminum and magnesium-based alloys by casting or forging. In many ways, they are better than steel ones. The main purpose of an alloy wheel is to increase the attractiveness of your car.

  • Cast light alloy wheels

According to their characteristics, they occupy a place between steel and forged light alloy wheels, but they have an important drawback - fragility.

You can purchase, repair or replace discs and tires by contacting AUTOMIX.EE car service.

If you have any difficulties with the choice or have questions, our specialists will be happy to advise you.

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