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Automix - Body repair and painting

Body repair and painting

When your car gets damaged, whether as a result of an accident or other operating circumstances, it is important to know that you can entrust its restoration to professionals. Body repair and car painting are key processes that affect the appearance and durability of your vehicle, which is why our auto service center “AUTOMIX” offers its services.

Body repair and painting, which is included in the services

Body repair and car body painting, the prices of which depend on the volume and complexity of the work, include the following activities:

  1. Straightening - straightening irregularities. The surface obtains its original appearance with the correct use of mechanisms, leveling supports and hammers.
  2. Restoring body geometry is a set of processes aimed at leveling out large-scale damage and returning to factory balance.
  3. Local repairs. Auto body painting and repair service replaces one part of it that cannot be restored.
  4. Major renovation. Requires dismantling of almost all structural elements of the machine.
  5. Abrasive polishing. Scratches, microcracks and chips are removed to reduce the risk of corrosion processes and prepare for painting.

The last step is coloring. You can find out the cost of painting a car depending on its type by phone.

How much does it cost to repair and paint a body?

The cost of repairs and paint can be an important factor when choosing an auto repair shop. Our prices are always honest and transparent. You can contact us to find out the prices for body repair and painting, as well as get advice. We guarantee that our services are of high quality. If you do not have the proper experience, do not try to do the work of a specialist yourself. Removing the consequences will make the overall price more expensive.

To summarize, car maintenance and painting is an integral part of caring not only for a vehicle that has been in an accident, but has also been used for many years in unfavorable conditions. Our specialists are ready to restore your vehicle to its original condition and make it look as beautiful as it came out of a showroom. Don't wait if you have damage - contact us today and trust our qualified technicians.

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