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MON-FRI 9.00 - 18.00
SAT-SUN 10.00-15.00 Tire change
MON-FRI 8.30 - 17.30
SAT-SUN 10.00-15.00 Tire change

Automix - Auto painting

Auto painting


Painting a car is necessary in two cases: when the car owner notices traces of corrosion and in an effort to give his “iron friend” individuality. For this purpose, innovative tuning and exclusive car painting with metallic, matte paints, xerallic, mother-of-pearl, etc. are used. At the same time, any painting and painting work is painstaking work, requiring strict adherence to technological processes, professional skills and the use of special equipment. Our auto repair shop "Automix" has everything required to restore the LPK to factory condition and to repaint the car.

Types of car painting technologies

Car service technicians use European equipment, computer selection of color shades, enamels and varnishes of those brands used by car manufacturers. A variety of car painting styles are also used:

  1. Metallic – the paint and varnish mixture contains reflective particles of mica, which results in an overflow of shine. This type of car painting from different viewing angles can give new impressions of the effect.

  2. Xeralic - the paint has pearlescent particles, they can shimmer in different colors. It will look elegant, and the prices for car painting will not break your budget.
  3. Matte finish. This effect attracts attention even more than traditional gloss and simplifies vehicle maintenance. It is possible to paint an element of a car or treat the surface of the entire body.

In addition, our workshop offers body repair and body painting with acrylic, nitro enamel, and alkyd paint.

Advantages of Automix

The workshop offers to take advantage of the following benefits of the services provided:

  • use of a USI drying chamber and a SATA spray gun;
  • car painters have artistic color perception and knowledge of technology;
  • car painting price is competitive and reasonable;

The service carries out body straightening, removal of scratches and damage of any complexity, craftsmen return the body to factory geometry and balance, and also carry out major repairs.

To find out the price and order car painting, use the order page and call us. We can give a preliminary cost, the final price is calculated after diagnostics and determination of the nuances of the work.


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